Meet the Team - Krissy

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Meet the Team - Krissy

Round one of our 60 seconds with the staff at Revive Hairdressing. For our first edition hear from our Salon Director, Krissy.

Name: Krissy Scotton

Job Title: Salon Director **

How long have you been working at Revive: 5 years, that means it’s our 5th Birthday soon, October in fact!

Whose hair do you admire? Natalie Portman, as although she has fine hair she colours it and styles it so that it gives it volume and definition.

What’s your favourite hair tip? When drying hair, to get volume, use a root boosting spray and dry all the roots first. You can achieve this by either tipping your head upside down or lifting the hair at the roots, either way finish off by drying the ends.

Why Revive? When I founded Revive I wanted it to be a welcoming and friendly place to come and I feel the staff have made that so.

Stay tuned for more Meet the Team blogs coming soon…



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