Put an end to your split ends

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Put an end to your split ends

Would you like to get rid of pesky split ends but not lose any length? Well now you can! Here at Revive we have invested in a revolutionary piece of technology which our clients, who want to grow their hair, have been longing (excuse the pun) for!

Victor Cuse, a professional hair stylist, became tired of spending over four hours every other month, cutting off individual split ends and therefore wanted to invent an ‘easy to use’ hair tool that can do the same thing but in just half an hour! Yes, it really does take thirty minutes and only removes as little as 0.3cm/quarter of an inch, from over 150,000 strands.

The machine has to be used on immediately clean and straight hair because this will make the split ends more visible! This therefore allows the tool to snip the split ends off without taking anything else. Our stylists recommend having the split end treatment every 5-6weeks to keep on top of your broken ends and maintain a sleeker and healthier look for longer.

Split ends are inevitably unavoidable. The modern era has given us such a huge range of heat appliances and chemical treatments that means our hair is prone to them. Even if you don’t use these tools or treatments, you can get split ends from just tying your hair up and even the weather can cause them! So if you want to reach your desired length, keeping hair healthy is the most important factor. The split end treatment is perfect to get rid of any ‘dead’ ends that are stunting your hair’s growth pattern. You will instantly feel the difference with softer and silkier hair and will reach your desired length quicker due to healthier and happier hair.

Split end before Split end after

Book your appointment online today! Split end treatment only £35 with wash and blow-dry!


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