Balayage explained

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Balayage explained

Our social media accounts are a great hub for before and after appointment pictures and at the moment the hottest trend is taking over our pages. But what exactly is balayage and why do our clients love it?

Balayage, pronounced bah-ley-ahge, is a French word meaning “to sweep” and is the art of hand painting colour onto hair. Rather than using foils or a cap, this method is a great way to get soft, natural looking highlights inches away from the roots, ultimately enhancing your haircut.

The aim is to use the same principles as you would with your makeup bronzer. You want to be sun-kissed in places that the sun would naturally kiss, meaning that you don’t necessarily look like you have had colour applied. With this in mind, we need to initially determine the cut of your hair before adding the colour and maybe cut in the style you want to achieve before applying the colour. Then we would start painting the colour on the hair focusing more around the middle section, where the sun would naturally hit. Then we will gently paint up to the roots which make the growth at the scalp look more natural and bring out the paddle to apply more colour toward the ends, which helps to give us more control.

Many of our clients are drawn to balayage because it is a low maintenance. The growth from the roots isn’t as obvious meaning, if you want to, you can wait a little longer before your next visit, however the appointment itself does take a little longer because of the specialised technique needed in creating balayage. Here are a few of our client’s balayage results. Balayage 1 Balayage 2 Balayage 3

As you can see there’s a look to suit everyone – that’s the greatest thing about the balayage highlights. So what are you waiting for? Book in for a consultation today!


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