My First Haircut

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My First Haircut

Your child’s first haircut is an important milestone and one that you can enjoy. They may have the most precious curls, or funny flicks, but there will come a point where you will need to give them a trim so that their hair is more manageable.

You may fear that your little one is tricky or that the chunks of hair missing from their “self-styling” session has ruined the chances of a good do but our friendly stylists will bring your child up-to-date with a cool, yet practical, haircut and offer advice for homecare.

As with most first time life lessons your little one will be reliant on you to nurture them through this new experience so Molly and Laura have come up with three top tips to help any first haircut worries.

1) Introduce the idea at home, mentioning that this week they will be visiting the hairdressers for a “trim” or “snip” - opposed to “cut” which may scare them. You could even play hairdressers at home. Set your child on a chair in front of a mirror and pin a towel around his shoulders for added effect. Gently spritz their hair with water, explaining, “This is what Molly at Revive might do to wet your hair.”

2) Arrive in good time for your appointment. This will give them a chance for them to settle in to our salon environment.

3) Feel free to bring along their favourite book or video on the Ipad.

If it’s your child’s first time at Revive and they are under the age of 2 the appointment will cost just £5.00. Not only will they have a manageable fresh look and walk away with a certificate, but you will be given a lock of their hair in a pouch to treasure.

![my first haircut](/perch/resources/first-haircut-2.jpg) ![my first haircut](/perch/resources/first-haircut-1.jpg) my first haircut


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